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Yamashita Karate Studio offers instruction in the ancient weapons art of Okinawan Zen Kobudo (Ancient Weapon Arts).

Zen Kobudo originated from common farming and fishing equipment. Handed down over the generations, this ancient art has evolved into the beautiful form known as Kobudo.

Weapons training is open to all interested Black Belt Club (BBC) members when they reach their Yellow belt level.


We provide instruction in the following weapons:

   Bo- The Bo- The Bo is perhaps the earliest and most simple of all weapons. Humans have used the Bo since humans learned to use tools; a simple walking stick has made a most effective personal defense weapons.
   Nunchaku- The Nunchaku originally was used as a flail to beat the husks off of soybeans by Okinawan farmers. The Nunchucku has evolved to a very effective means of personal defense.
   Sai- Sai- The Sai, or truncheon, was Okinawa’s response to the Samurai, or other sword-bearing assailant. Used to trap or break the sword, they could also deliver a lightening fast counter attack to quickly end a confrontation.
   Tonfa- The Tonfa was a piece of farm equipment used to operate a millstone while grinding grain. It’s unique adaptability and effectiveness has led to it’s modern day counterpart, used by law enforcement.
   Kama- The Kama was used to cut grain, and without any major modification, has turned out to be one of the most feared and dangerous weapons of this ancient art.
   Ieku- The Ieku- this ancient tool used by Okinawan fishermen gained a reputation as a formidable weapon in the hands of a skilled bearer. Although not as popular as the Bo, the Ieku, or oar, has recently gained popularity in the martial arts community as a true symbol of Okinawan weaponry.


Adult Weapons Training

Bo Training

Yamashita Karate Studio’s, Inc. offers its weapons training program to our Black Belt Club (BBC) members. All BBC participants are eligible to begin weapons training starting at their 9th Kyu Yellow belt level. Through regular attendance and diligent practice, mastery of the curriculum is achieved, qualifying our students to test for their Black Belt in Kobudo.Our style of weapons has been handed down from the late Sensei Shinpo Matayoshi, who was considered the highest authority on Okinawan weaponry. Hanshi Tadashi Yamashita trained under Master Matayoshi. Kyoshi Knight trained under Yamashita Sensei and in turn has trained our Black Belt Instructors.

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