Yamashita Karate Studios offers karate and weapons classes

to children and adults of all ages


Karate Classes we offer (click here for class schedule):

Karate for Children

  • Tiny Tigers – ages 3 to 5 (approx)
  • Kids Classes – ages 5 to 13
  • Teens – ages 13 and up join the adult classes
Seminar with Hanshi Yamashita

Children’s Karate

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Children benefit from the fun, the self-discipline and improved physical fitness that develops through practicing karate

Is Your Child Being Bullied?

Martial Arts can help by building confidence and character. We encourage you to have your child experience our training first hand and invite you to print a trial membership coupon and receive 2 weeks of classes and uniform for only $19.95.

Karate for Adults

Adult Karate Class

Adults of any age benefit from karate and many experience being in the best shape of their lives. To avoid injury, we emphasize warming up, stretching, and conditioning exercises to prepare the body for Karate practice.

Yamashita Karate is a martial art comprised of the elements and methods from the Ryukyu Islands and classical Okinawan martial arts. You can begin karate at our dojo at any age.

Women’s Karate

Women’s Karate

Every Friday morning we offer a special woman’s only karate class to help women fine-tune their physical conditioning and karate skills. The women at our dojo experience the self-confidence and high level of skill that comes from repeated training and practice.

This all female class focuses on serious karate training in a supportive environment. Yamashita women’s karate is dedicated to the empowerment of women of all ages and physical abilities.

Weapons Classes

Weapons for Adults and Children

Yamashita Karate offers its weapons training programto interested children and adults who are Black Belt Club members who have earned their Yellow belt level or higher.

We offer training in a variety of weapons, both wood and metal, including sword, bo, kama, nunchaku, tonfa, sai, and ieku

Students who attend weapons classes and practice regularly, who master the curriculum may test for their Black Belt in weapons (Kobudo).


Getting ready for some sparring fun – student with Sensei Alex

We offer both adult and children sparring classes to interested students.

“Sparring” is a translation of the word Kumite, which means “meeting of the hands” and  is an excellent way to apply the techniques learned during regular karate classes. Sparring is practice with a partner and is usually in the form of pre-arranged attacks and defenses. Practice with a partner allows the student to develop the proper speed, timing and distance for effective technique.

In our dojo sparring is practiced in a very controlled manner. As a student progresses in knowledge and control, they are allowed great freedom in their sparring practice.