You are always welcome to come observe our classes and visit with the instructors.

Introductory Special - $19.95

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Karate Classes we offer:

  • Karate for Children
  • Karate for Adults
  • Weapons Classes
  • Women’s Karate
  • Sparring


No matter your age or current fitness level, karate will make you fitter, stronger and more flexible – all while making friends and having fun.

We are a family style Dojo and encourage both parents and children to try us out.

We know you (or your children) often need to try an activity such as karate before you commit to anything. That’s why we offer our no obligation introductory special:

No Obligation Introductory Special for $19.95 you / your child gets:

  • 2 weeks of unlimited classes at appropriate belt level
  • a FREE gi
  • great health benefits

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