What is Yamashita Karate?

Yamashita Karate is divided into the Kihon which form the basics and the fundamentals, Katas which are the forms involving the Kihon, and Bunkai, which is the application of fighting techniques extracted from the moves of a “form” or Kata. Kata is a set of prescribed, precise techniques that both encompass and transcend the aspects of karate learned in Kihon waza and Kumite. Kata has been described as the soul of the traditional karate. While entire books have been written about Kata, it is sufficient for the beginner to understand that Kata will ultimately become the core of his or her training.

Basic techniques are practiced without a partner to learn the movements of karate. The emphasis is on the perfection of the motion from the following aspects:

  • Tachi Kata – stance forms
  • Tsuki Kata – thrusting forms
  • Uchi Kata – striking forms
  • Geri Kata – kicking forms
  • Uke Kata – blocking forms

The focus on these basics is critical to the correct application of the form, known as Kumite.
Kumite – The literal translation of Kumite is “meeting of hands” and it is usually translated as “sparring.” This practice with a partner is usually in the form of pre-arranged attacks and defenses using the techniques developed in Kihon waza. Practice with a partner allows the student to develop the proper speed, timing and distance for effective technique.

Our master, Sensei Tadashi Yamashita has continued the evolution of Karate-Do with his own interpretation known as Suikendo Translated, means simply, “Fist Flowing Like Water”. Suikendo represents a multi-discipline, style independent, approach to self-defense training and techniques.

After over 50 years of studying the teachings of Okinawan masters, kata, philosophies and application, Yamashita Sensei provides a series of technical drills that promote fast, accurate and deadly responses to any attack posed.

Focusing heavily on simultaneous blocks and movement, Yamashita Sensei provides his students with a practical, intuitive system of self-defense.

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